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Been awhile....since I've checked in and said hello

I'm sitting here in my apartment in Beijing, with Channel V as background noise, (its there MTV channel) lots of cheesy stuff going on, every now and than a few gems here. New Artist I discovered because of Channel V, Xu Jun, I LOVE, his unique sound. I started to video a dance improv piece to one of his songs. I started it at the beginning of my work day though, so I ran out of time. will have to revisit later...

Man...the year of Covid left me abstaining from having any physical relationships with anyone. The fear and danger of getting anything from anyone was too great a risks. And so now I find myself in Beijing where the possibilities are endless here!! Only, trying to get laid in Beijing these days is a harder goal than I imagined.

Yikes! Guys are weird, sometimes you get a clear picture of what they want and other times they just leave you frustrated and reaching for a vibrator, Or rather if you had one.

I didn't want to bring one in my check in luggage; I had visions of some movie I watched long time ago, where their luggage was searched and the person was publicly humiliated with the vibrator came out and waved around.

So I said to myself, how hard can it be to buy one here? ughhhhh!! impossible. although Chinese love to buy everything online...that privilege is reserved for those with Chinese bank accounts , Chinese phone numbers and Chinese credit cards only! You dumb foreigners can suffer!

So what do I end up doing? turning to writing.... These 2 pieces are still fresh and I'm sure artwork will find its way to it sometime soon. but for now.. please enjoy.

Inspired by yet another frustratingly indecisive Man who said one thing , but did something else. So now I'm left adrift, in a boat with no oars..

The Real Thing



Give me the real thing, there's no substitutions, even though I try.

Magic wands or my fingers,

Why do I even try?

It works for a bit,

letting off some of the steam.

But not the same as a hot blooded body.

Someone who can really fulfill my dreams.

So sends me into orbit,

exploding, rockets red glare.

Until I've seen god a few times.

My prayers were heard,

of this I'll be clear.

But what's a girl to do,

when she can't get done?

Fire up the bat signal,

Time to bring home some fun.

For all the tech and pornography that's available to us now.

Still nothing beats the real thing.

The heaving , the heat,

the sweat running down my brow...

Not A Box


8:05 a.m.

You tried to put me in this box.

But it just ain't me

It didn't fit, never been.

I'm not a shape that you can just see.

Fluid and evolving, never quite what I seem.

How can you decide from my packaging.

What, I shall be??

Often misunderstood, misinterpreted.

Until you actually take the time,

To delve a little bit deeper.

Peeling back each layer, revealing what you might find.

Oh it's worth it, I can assure you.

I'm the rare gem you will find.

The one in a million that's eluded you.

Only this time, I'll be yours and you are mine.

Acronyms don't fit me. I'm not a box, circle or square.

I'm just me,

Take the time to find out and see if you care.

So let yourself be swept up, in the whirlwind of my life.

Join me and discover,

there's more to life than hard work, misery and strife.

We can color the pages together,

In between the lines.

Your hand clasped in mine,

Both partners in crime.

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