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How to love yourself....

It's not something that we instinctively know how to do....It's something that we must learn, and amidst all of the negativity, social media and bombardment from sociality, its really hard to yourself.

Today I'm having a bit of a struggle...It started off with my annual visit to the dr's , (not my usual dr.) I saw a skinny Asian dr. who had manicured nails, large false eye lashes and about a pound of makeup on. After weighing myself on their scale with my heavy leather boots on and other brought me 5 lbs over what I was only in their gown and my socks. which frankly made me feel a bit better. However, that lasted only a few secs and that feeling of joy was dashed when said skinny faux doctor said to me...."well I think we both know, you are still over weigh regardless we added your shoes or not."

so, here I am feeling fat, overweigh and realized after I left that said doctor didn't even bother to offer me any helpful advice or words of wisdom as to what I should do or that she even cared.

so here I am hating myself, being fat and pre diabetic most likely and feeling generally down.

So how do we do it? learn to love who we are despite the outward appearances?

Hell if I know, let me know when you find out the secret.....

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