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I think it's kinda lame...

I have been submitting my art for several things and...I mean you spend soooo much time and knee deep in paperwork, JUST to get your work submitted.

The things they want from you! Just to prove that you are an artists. And unless you are somebody and HAVE exhibited...these are some of the criteria's.

My feeling is, if you are creating art, YOU ARE AN ARTIST. even if its crappy art. You are saying something, you are putting a part of yourself out there.

Instead of making it such a chore and a killjoy and dumping so much paperwork on you....

Just look at the art and let it stand on its own whether or not you want to see it! It doesn't matter about their training, or credentials or even their past. Live in the now! What do they have to offer to the world, now...

I'm betting that more than half of the artists out there , end up not even making it to clicking the "submit" button just because there are so many hurdles to over come. JUST to show your art.

I guess this is why there are so many art forums on Facebook now. Just so that people can skip all the hassle and JUST SHOW THEIR ART!

Ehhh I've wasted enough time venting, time to get back to the submission guidelines for my latest submission! so I can make my deadline!

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